The medical emergency 
guide for golfers

Save a life before you save par!

Golfers 911 is the first Medical Emergency guide that equips you to handle common medical emergencies on the golf course.

When you’re out on the course, emergency medical assistance can be hard to contact, far away, and slow to arrive. Knowing what to do in the meantime easily makes the difference between life and death.

Respond confidently in a medical emergency

Emergency vs. non-emergency symptoms

Accurate, reliable, current information

Co-written by a golfer & a doctor

Easy-to-follow instructions & illustrations

Tabs for quick reference when seconds matter

Durable, waterproof, lightweight book

Fits conveniently in your golf bag

Makes a great gift or giveaway for golf lovers

Customize with tournament or company branding

Save a Life before You Save Par!

After "calling 911" don't stand there wondering 
what to do. Spring into action!

Did you know?

• Golf courses are the 5th most common place for cardiac arrest.
 (American Heart Association)
• 95% of cardiac arrest that happen on the golf course are fatal. 
(British Journal of Sports Medicine) 
• 71% of rounds are played by golfers age 40+ (Golf Industry Trends) 
• Every minute without CPR the chance of survival goes down by 10%.
• Within 10 mins, the chance of survival is virtually zero.
Everyone Can Save a Life with HandsOnly CPR.
It takes less than a minute to learn.
You don’t need to be certified.
You don’t need to do mouth-to-mouth.
The worst thing you can do is nothing.

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